Giuseppe Di Apollo
Government Name: Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo
Current Location: Central & South Florida

Giuseppe (Giuseppe Di Apollo) D’angelo Liuzzo: CEO of THE DOPE SOCIETY® ( A young Entrepreneur with many talents and gifts. In 2005 Giuseppe earned his degree in audio engineering and entertainment business then went on to own his very own recording studio in Daytona Beach, Florida where he mastered the art of mixing and mastering. An Entrepreneur, beat maker and independent music producer Giuseppe (Giuseppe Di Apollo) was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey and has now since relocated to the hot sandy beaches, endless rows of palm trees and year ’round tropical weather of the southern east coast of sunny central Florida. An old school hip hop junkie who’s heart remains with the golden era’s cultural sounds (Let’s say ’86 thru ’95). As a child growing up in New Jersey he was introduced to Hip Hop by an elementary school friend (Jevon Gregory) who would steal his older brothers boom box and play tapes by Run DMC, The Fat Boys, DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince, Slick Rick, The Beastie Boys and LL Cool J on the school yard playground before school and during recess. Giuseppe (Giuseppe Di Apollo) instantly fell in love with the Hip Hop culture’s elements and began learning how to break dance (Bboy-ing) at the youthful age of 6. It didn’t take long before he started writing rap lyrics to classic beat breaks during school and after school. By the time Giuseppe (Giuseppe Di Apollo) was in the 8th grade the rebellious teenager was running around in the streets and began finding trouble with the authorities. His mother who was a single parent and wanted to keep him safe bought him his first turntables and a mixer (Gemini XL-500 II belt drives, which were entry level equipment) to hopefully keep him out of trouble and at home, but from there he began to hustle so he could purchase LPs and EPs from the local record stores so he could practice the art of the scratch. By 10th grade he was DJ-ing weekend house parties. Fast forward some to 2001 where Giuseppe (Giuseppe Di Apollo) found an undying passion for music production after listening to such producers as DJ Premier, Large Professor, Pete Rock, Marley Marl, Kay Gee (Naughty By Nature), Da Beatminerz, Trakmasterz, RZA and Dr. Dre.

By 2002 Giuseppe (Giuseppe Di Apollo) decided to intern at a few local studios at different times and even a local television station just to learn the art of mixing sound, while everything else was pretty much self taught. His first music production tool that he purchased was a Roland MV8000. He spent hours alone in a quiet room with headphones on, and with trial and error continuously learned the functionalities of his equipment and mixing sound. 

In 2005 Giuseppe earned his degree in audio engineering and by the end of 2006 Giuseppe (Giuseppe Di Apollo) moved to Daytona Beach where he opened up his very own recording studio and where he would record local artists and play around building instrumentals for fun in his free time when there were no studio sessions scheduled. Eventually Giuseppe’s instrumental productions caught the ears of local rappers around the area and he would eventually start selling his beats on disc along with paid studio time doing package deals. During this time, as his career was looking brighter than most at his young age. However, his lifestyle and personal demons were ruining his forward progression. Finally tired of the court dates, arrests, drugs and violence, Giuseppe decided to call it quits to his successful recording business, knowing that the clients that had the money for the beats and studio time who were also the D-boys and criminals he was having to spend time with. After a tragic loss of one of his closest friends Giuseppe closed the studio doors and left Daytona Beach for good, never to look back. From 2011 thru 2015 Giuseppe spent his time traveling, soul searching, mentally maturing, and coming of age with a new focus and a more positive vibe and an ambitious mindset with an inspirational appeal. A natural born entrepreneur, Giuseppe was quietly building his new company from ground zero and studying the online music production business as well as social media marketing. So here we are now in the present day and Giuseppe has a hopeful outlook on his future and desires nothing more then to work with like minded clients/artists.

Giuseppe (Giuseppe Di Apollo) provides his clients and listeners with diverse, melodic, and unorthodox, high-quality, mixed and mastered instrumentals for a vast variety of purposes. Giuseppe has put almost every single dollar into his music and business to buy industry standard hardware and software as well as money for his websites, beat stores and online marketing. Free spirited creativity is the main basis of his work, since he is interested in a wide range of music and musical genres such as Hip Hop, House, Trip Hop, Chill Hop, Electronic, Alternative, Rock, Soul, World and R&B. His sound is not limited to a specific style, and you’ll hear it once you press play. After more than 15 years in the independent music industry, Giuseppe has gained knowledge, experience, and wisdom about many aspects of today’s music, industry and media. in his local area he is renown for his own unorthodox and melodic instrumental style over heavy heart pounding drums and low end speaker damaging bass lines. Delivering only industry standard high quality instrumental beats for a price that’s affordable for all type of budgets and purposes from leasing options to exclusive rights.

Giuseppe instrumental productions are destined for lyricists, hip hop purists, 90′s backpackers, street hustlers, head nodders and cosmic musical evangelists across the globe looking to make future classics, retro fashionable and hip hop golden era productions.

Giuseppe is serious about his profession along with his productions and is only looking to network and grow with clients/artists who are 110% serious about their profession and their dreams. Period.


Learn A Little More About Giuseppe

1.) Q: What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspiration for your sound?

A: Kanye West, Nujabes, Nas, DJ Premiere, Jay-Z, The Neptunes, RZA, Pete Rock, Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation, Linkin Park, Talib Kweli, Lupe Fiasco, Outkast, Mos Def, Coldplay, Radio Head, ODESZA, A Tribe Called Quest, etc.

2.) Q: What is distinctive about a Giuseppe D’angelo production?

A: My trademark sound is damn near cinematic. My music is a luxurious orchestrated melodic melody with soulful harmonious and symphonic productions for the ear. Modern world class vibes with a touch of pure golden era hip-hop, punching percussions and hard-hitting 808’s.

My productions are destined for hip hop purists, 90′s backpackers, street hustlers, head nodders, and cosmic musical evangelists across the globe looking to make future classics, retro fashionable and hip hop golden era productions.

3.) Q: What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?

A: When I’m not busy creating and working ridiculous hours at my studio I like to get far away from the hustle and the madness of the world, leave my phone in my car and just grab up one of my surf boards and hit the beach to surf. I usually walk about a mile through a nature preserve to get the shore but it’s nice to just clear my head and get away from the world and just focus on myself and nature. Other than that, fun to me is hitting up a coffee shop to read and/or research, going for lunch or dinner with family or friends. Basically, I’m up for anything though.. Going ghost hunting, playing video games, working out in my gym.. However, I hardly have time for it. I’m constantly working. If I had been given 1 option it would be surfing, it’s an amazing feeling of freedom.

4.) Q: What software and/or hardware are the tools of your trade?

A: I run everything on my Mac Pro tower, 4 external and 4 internal hard drives with 32GBs of RAM. My DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software used on a constant basis is Logic Studio Pro 9 and Logic Studio X as well as REASON by Propeller Head for extra production and a wider variety of tools at my disposal, plus a massive library of extra plug-ins. Hardware used is my Mackie Onyx 1640 FireWire mixer board, Akai MPC 2500XL, Akai MPD 32, Korg Triton, Roland Fantom G6 and (2) “Flagship” Technics SL – 1200MK6 Turntables with Vestax 4 channel mixer, Rode K2 – Variable Pattern Studio Tube Condenser Microphone, Rode NT1-A-MP Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Over-Ear Headphones and (2) M-Audio BX8 D2 8-Inch Active 2-Way Studio Monitor Speakers. I view everything on two (2) 40” screen monitors and a Mac Pro Laptop. It makes my work flow very easy and efficient.

5.) Q: What does a usual day with Giuseppe Di Apollo consist of?

A: It varies greatly, no two days are alike. But, generally I’ll wake up at around 5am, meditate, turn on some music and get a 1-2 hour workout in everyday.  After that if I don’t have to make any custom beaded bracelets for my “The DOPE Bead Company” and send them out for shipping. Also, I spend half of my day as a REALTOR so I’m working on generating leads, prospecting new clients and working on keeping my pipeline full. After my daily Real Estate activities are fulfilled I’ll be going into my control room and turn my studio equipment on and get straight to work on the beats and that’s where I’ll be for the rest of my day, usually until the early morning, I don’t get much sleep. From the Months of April – November I’ll take small breaks from my work and take a quick ride to the beach hit up my favorite surf spot and surf until sunset falls into night. It’s a way for me to clear my head, find balance, rejuvenate and leave the crazy world around me behind so it’s just me and mother nature. After I get home, clean up and get a quick bite I’ll continue my work in the studio. I’ll stay up sometimes way to late working on a project and I have to force myself to get some sleep. I always wake up at 5am though. I don’t sleep much.

6.) Q: What made you want to become a music producer?

A: Honstly, growing up I just wanted to be a lyricist like NaS, or an influential artist like Tupac. But eventually I realized that I was more drawn to the beats the recording artist was using to convey their message, the production aspect. I’d listen to the music and it either drew me in or I changed to the next track. Before listening to an artist you hear the instrumental portion and the production. I wanted to be that guy, that producer that individuals would hear first to draw you into the artist’s rhymes. The whole idea of music production is to create from limitless ideas and direct the artist to flow with sound. Are you happy? Sad? Mad? Amp’d? Are you inspired? What’s your particular emotion? I’ll fill that void with sound. As a producer it’s far more than just making a beat, you start the listener’s journey into a song with a soundtrack instrumental. Listening to DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, The RZA, these producers gave the m.c.’s/rapper’s lyrics more in-depth meaning. That’s what I loved about the music producer and why I chase the dream to be legendary at it, A true producer will create and direct a movie through the journey of sound. It’s dope!

7.) Q: What classes did you take in college?

A: I’m a college dropout. LOL .. I never made it passed my 1st semester. It wasn’t for me. But it doesn’t mean that I didn’t study or gain knowledge in business, marketing or in the recording arts. I am self taught, I learned from books and spending time listening to business and marketing teachers and mentors. As far as the music and recording knowledge aspects, I gained the know how from interning at tv stations and local recording studios as well as teaching myself through trial and error. Life is the best teacher. And a piece of paper doesn’t define me.

I never went to music college or any institution to study but I’ve been lucky in the respect that from an early age I’ve worked sound boards for major artist’s in concert along side some amazing engineers and producers from whom I have learned (and still learn) a great deal.

I also work with a lot of great musicians who are constantly exchanging ideas. I’m completely obsessive and always checking books, magazines and interviews etc… as well as records from right across the spectrum of electronic, hip-hop, and alternative music, it’s a never ending process, and one that I love.

8.) Q: Do you have and accountant to help you with your finances and a entertainment lawyer to help you with legal matters?

A: Yes and yes. They are masters at what they do. It took my a long time to find them and I am grateful.

9.) Q: What pre-production work would you normally do with an artist before entering the studio for recording and tracking?

A: Pre-Production is super important to me. This is where I see if me and the artist vibe well together. Normally I’ll sit with the artist and see what their vision is for a song or their album. I’ll have them get into the vocal booth and do a quick simple performance of the song, nothing to complex. Just the song in it’s simplest form.

From there, I’ll repetitively listen and live with the song/s, and let it develop in my mind. Brainstorm, let the creative juices start flowing. Once I’ve got a clear sense of direction for the song/s, we’ll start the recording process. That’s one of the major differences between a beat maker and a producer. The producer involves themselves with more than the beat.

10.) Q: How do you feel about an artist that wants to use your services or instrumentals for free?

A: They’re obviously not serious about their art and profession. I don’t have time for those type of people, they’ve already proven to me that they are a waste of time. This is a business, and I’m a professional. I’ve spend thousands and thousands of dollars to pursue my goals and they think that a free beat is gonna boost their careers? Man, they don’t have the sense to make it in this world. They need to find a toy “producer”, someone who likes to play around with their time.

11.) Q: With all the music producers in the world, what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field?

A: It’s no lie that this industry is over saturated with rappers and producers. I’ve thought about that a lot. But it’s like that in every industry. McDonalds has to compete with Burger King, Hardee’s, Checker’s, Fat Burger and how many other burger restaurants? Seriously, everyone sells burgers. All I can do is put my work out there for the world to hear, continue to work hard at promoting myself, as well as a few secret marketing tools and pray that it’s heard by the right artists. But what does the word “successful” mean? For me it is accomplishing a goal and creating something that did not exist before – and doing it the best you can. So in many ways I am a success already, but I have really big dreams, targeted goals involving my success so I can’t and will not stop.

12.) Q: How many times have you fallen down, so to speak, and had to get back up and get yourself motivated again to continue?

A: I’ve fallen more times then I can count. I’ve been bankrupt, basically homeless, arrests with court cases. But, these situations have built me into a better individual. I’ve grown up, matured, gained wisdom, knowledge and strength. Each time I bounced back up higher and better.

13.) Q: What are some of the biggest mental tools you can obtain to be successful in this industry?

A: Visualization, determination and plenty of imagination.

14.) Q: If there was one word you could use to explain your experience so far while working as a music producer, what would it be?

A: Incredible.

15.) Q: What did you have to sacrifice to make your business happen? (hobbies, etc.)

A: I’ve sacrificed, relationships, fun, time, surfing, steady income. That’s the life of an entrepreneur. 

16.) Q: What type of media did you use to keep you on top of your craft?

A: YouTube, Apple Music, and Mix Magazine.

17.) Q: When or if you have children. What advice would you give to them?

A: To my son/s – Chase your dreams, not girls. To my daughter/s – chase your dreams, don’t believe what boys say. And over all, Do what you love and have a passion for. It’s your life, nobody else’s.

18.) Q: Is there something outside of music that you’ve dreamt of doing for a long time? Why haven’t you done it?

A: Moving to and living in Australia, Sydney or Melbourne. It has to be over looking the ocean, I’m working on that dream every day.

19.) Q: What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

A: So far, owning my house mortgage free and living debt free. Not a slave to bills or payments.

20.) Q: Your house, containing everything you own, catches fire. After saving your loved ones and pets, you have time to safely make a final dash to save any one item. What would it be? Why?

A: My Mac Pro. It contains 4 different hard drives that has all my beat files, business files, contacts, my music, my videos and photos.

21.) Q: What would your friends and/or clients say about you?

A: Charismatic, entrepreneurial. risk taker, witty, spontaneous, asshole, loyal, kinky, open minded, adventurous, creative.

22.) Q: Who is your favorite comic book superhero?

A: Ironman – Tony Stark

23.) Q: Take us through your typical workflow from idea development to conception?

A: With my instrumentals I always have an artistic agenda. I’m trying to tell a story through sound 1st. I’ve been lucky to have a very broad experience of music both as a musician, artist and producer and I find that hip-hop is one place where I feel comfortable and honest doing that.  I’m inspired by records, artists and musicians that I’m in awe of, and my own experiences both in music and life, so there’s a lot to inspire me.  I generally start by building loops within Reason (DAW). I may start with playing a few keys or pads that inspires me, or build a rhythmic idea for drums that I’m exploring, or some spoken word or vocals but it’s all about building loops, forever and exploring the possibilities with them. A lot of the time they might just remain skeleton like sketches that I keep bouncing off each other, then, if and when I’m inspired I’ll develop an arrangement and a mix, but that’s not always the be all and end all. Endless possibilities.

24.) Q: How do you deal with ‘hitting a brick wall’ creatively?

A: Creativity for me comes in waves for me. It’s weird. When hitting a brick wall I usually just start listening to music or start watching a movie and listen to the score of a film. If something’s not happening I don’t agonize too much about it. I might try to find out what’s blocking the process (sometimes that can involve being brutally honest with myself) and deal with that beat that I made might just be mediocre, or I’ll take another approach and just leave the beat alone and try building something completely different. Sometimes things are finished without them sounding like a finished track or record… it’s just part of the whole process. That’s the beauty of art and music. Everyone expects a certain sound, but never think outside the box.

25.) Q: Is there a piece of equipment do you regret getting rid of?

A: My Roland MV-8000

26.) Q: What is your favorite quote?

A: “In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the knowers find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

– Eric Hoffer