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The Dope Society Beaded Bracelets


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For the longest time I have been creating my own custom beaded bracelets for myself because I could never find any one bracelet I liked enough that fit my personal style. As I wore them around town, at the clubs, restaurants, in the studio, etc. I continued to get complimented on how nice they were/are.. I had friends, family, clients and even random strangers asking me if I could make them their own personal bracelet/s. Eventually I decided to start selling my creations locally to a wide range of individuals boys, girls, men and women. I’d sell them to recording artists that would come to my studio and even the the surfer while I was out in the line up waiting for the next set to roll in. I created this shop here to sell my luxury homemade style bead bracelets online while I wait for my official website to get finished.

Buyer’s Note: With each and every quality bracelet I make I also fill it with nothing but the best, happiest, and positive intentions in a loving atmosphere focusing towards success, health and wealth to each and every hopeful buyer of a Giuseppe di Apollo Bracelet.

I am a very humble individual who gets along with pretty much everyone and I’m very easy to communicate with. If you have any questions that I haven’t answered down below please feel free to message me. I am look forward to hearing from you.

U.S. Buyers: In Your mailbox within 3-7 Business Days!!!!

(USPS – First Class Shipping method)

For all of my buyer’s protection. Buy with confidence: I ‘DO NOT’ do “direct sale purchases” off of my stores. I only sell items through my Ebay and Etsy stores. This is to ensure all of my store item’s bracelets are held to a higher level of accountability, service and quality.

**Attention Ebay Buyers Read Entire Details Below Before Purchasing: 

I Make Custom Sizes. Immediately after you purchase my bracelet(s) through either my Ebay Store or my Etsy Shop please send me a direct message through the store you purchased from ( Ebay Store / Etsy Shop ) requesting the size bracelet you want made and I will customize it to fit your desired length. If you do not request a particular size after purchase I will be sending out a bracelet 8″ (inches) in length.

6 inch = 15.24 cm – Bracelet Length

6.5 inch = 16.51 cm – Bracelet Length

7 inch = 17.78 cm – Bracelet Length

7.5 inch = 19.05 cm – Bracelet Length

8 inch = 20.32 cm – Bracelet Length

8.5 inch = 21.59 cm – Bracelet Length

9 inch = 22.86 cm – Bracelet Length

*Note 1: Depending on size bracelet purchased (6″-9″) the bracelet might have 2-5 beads taken away or added to fit your ordered wrist size.

*Note 2: Photo of bracelet may have some small differences. I sell many of these bracelets and so even though they are the same style stone bead as described not all beads are exactly the same. However, I do my very best to keep each stone formation on bracelet looking as close to the image shown.

*Note 3: All purchases come with USPS tracking information.

*Note 4: All bracelet’s (silver and gold plated metal) are specially coated to ensure your bracelet looks newer longer.

*Note 5: Please be mindful of weekend and surrounding Holiday purchases. When purchasing durning weekends and/or holidays the United States Postal Service tends to have their packages travel slower because of high volume


Yes, other companies do sell items at a lower price from over seas countries, but you will be waiting 3-6 weeks for delivery. Since I am established in the United States (Florida) anyone living within the 48 states gets FREE Shipping and can get their new bracelet/s no longer than 1 business week or sooner (Hawaii and Alaska excluded).

Overseas  buyers: Please expect slower shipping times and an accurate shipping fee.

  1. Accepting Paypal Payments.
  2. Payment is due 7 days after buying.
  3. Shipping your items out within 1 business day after receiving your payment. (Please be aware that the shipping might be delayed during holiday seasons and weekends.)
  4. No refunds. (Only Exchanges within 7 days from date delivered).
  5. I’ll be Shipping the item to your Paypal order shipping address, please make sure the address is correct. Thank you for your interest.


I have only 1 negative feed back response since I have began my Ebay Store on August, the 13th day of 2007 because the buyer did not pay attention to the ‘Care Form’  I send out along with ALL of my bracelets on how to prolong your bracelets life span. I have NOW posted the form below for your convince before you purchase so you have full disclosure.

*Please remember that these bracelets are gold plated and silver plated which means that if you do NOT take care of them properly they will tarnish faster. As far as I know, I am the only company adding a protective clear coat to all bracelet’s plated metal.

Taking Care of your ‘The Dope Society’ Bracelet

To prolong the life of your Giuseppe di Apollo’s ‘The Dope Bead Company’ bracelet the following should be taken into consideration:



Certain chemicals like perfume, cologne, cream can change, fade or stain your bracelet.

When spraying perfume or cologne we recommend covering your bracelet or taking it off until the spray has rested on your clothes.



I do not recommend wearing your bracelet while you wash hands, shower, swim or any activity that makes you sweat.


Thank you, The Dope Society

*Note: If bracelet size you ordered is to big or to small for your wrist, please contact me so we can fix this issue.

You will be responsible for return shipping prices. However, I will handle shipping cost when mailing back to you.


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My Etsy Shop

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