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About The Dope Society

It’s More Than Just The Music

Controversial and non-conforming. The Dope Society is dedicated to the creative free thinker, the alternative intellectual, the risk taking entrepreneur, and artistic rebels who refuse to be imprisoned by a manufacture archetypal system that seeks desperately to enslave it’s people to obey their laws of control as well as a society built on cultural norms. The Dope Society is driven by music, urban art, luxurious lifestyles and the passion to express creative transcendent thought, as well as conceptual ideas through the means of media and culture. Using a wide variety of different art forms and methods to birth forth an exquisite new lavish and wild society of sophisticated millennials. The Dope Society focuses on being 100% real and organic: injecting a potent dose of free creative expression into each and every ear that hears and eye that sees. The goal is, not to dumb down and destroy the people, the pure goal is to create dreams which are real and stand bold enough to rebel against the manufactured normal ideologies implanted into the minds of the masses which have conditioned us to live average lives. The Dope Society is here to push onto every street corner a healthy dose of 100% uncut raw Dope and inject the ideal concepts of true independence into each any every person’s spirit, heart and soul. The Dope Society is here to create and inspire the dreamer’s lifestyle. Ultimately conceiving a new society of young creatives and entrepreneurial rebels ruled by art and freedom of expression as oppose to a brainwashed zombie society ruled by unjust laws, conformity and normality. The Dope Society is “The True” society of change: where rules are meant to be broken, new ideas are birthed into existence, imagination thrives and questioning everything said by ‘the rulers’ is encouraged. We are here to fulfill our purpose in life.

We are the creators of our own destiny. We are the rebellious wild children of freedom. We are the new elite class. We are the artists and the world is our canvas.

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