THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT is made on (DATE), (EXACT TIME) (“Effective Date”) by and between (YOUR NAME HERE) (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensee”) also, if applicable, professionally known as (YOUR ARTIST NAME HERE), residing at (YOUR ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, COUNTRY, ZIP CODE) and Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo (The Dope Society). (hereinafter referred to as the “Licensor”). Licensor warrants that it controls the mechanical rights in and to the copyrighted musical work entitled Sample Track Title (“Composition”) as of and prior to the date first written above. The Composition, including the music thereof, was composed by Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo (The Dope Society) (“Songwriter”) managed under the Licensor.
All licenses are non-refundable and non-transferable.
Master Use.
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive license (this “License) to record vocal synchronization to the Composition partly or in its entirety and substantially in its original form (“Master Recording”)
Mechanical Rights.
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive license to use Master Recording in the reproduction, duplication, manufacture, and distribution of phonograph records, cassette tapes, compact disk, digital downloads, other miscellaneous audio and digital recordings, and any lifts and versions thereof (collectively, the “Recordings”, and individually, a “Recordings”) worldwide for unlimited copies of such Recordings or any combination of such Recordings, condition upon the payment to the Licensor a sum of (Monetary Price Paid) US Dollars (Monetary Price Paid)), receipt of which is confirmed. Additionally licensee shall be permitted to distribute unlimited internet downloads for non-profit and non-commercial use.
Performance Rights.
The Licensor here by grants to Licensee an exclusive license to use the Master Recording in unlimited for-profit performances, shows, or concerts.
Broadcast Rights.
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive license to broadcast or air the Master Recording in unlimited amounts of radio stations.
Licensee shall acknowledge the original authorship of the Composition appropriately and reasonably in all media and performance formats under the name “Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo (The Dope Society) and/or (” in writing where possible and vocally otherwise.
Licensee may exploit and monetize from licensee’s unique derived work(s) of composition for use on TV, Film, Video game or other synchronous projects. Licensee may represent other publishing owners of the original composition for exploitation and have full authority of granting non-exclusive license for synchronization use as long as credit and publishing information is provided to such agency.
In consideration for the rights granted under this agreement, Licensee shall pay to licensor the sum of Two Thousand US dollars ($2000) and other good and valuable consideration, payable to “Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo (The Dope Society)“, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. If the Licensee fails to account to the Licensor, timely complete the payments provided for hereunder, or perform its other obligations hereunder, including having insufficient bank balance, the licensor shall have the right to terminate License upon written notice to the Licensee. Such termination shall render the recording, manufacture and/or distribution of Recordings for which monies have not been paid subject to and actionable infringements under applicable law, including, without limitation, the United States Copyright Act, as amended.
Accordingly, Licensee agrees to indemnify and hold Licensor harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, costs, expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees, arising of or resulting from a claimed breach of any of Licensee’s representations, warranties or agreements hereunder.
Audio Samples.
3rd party sample clearance is the responsibility of the licensee. (Customer)
This license is non-transferable and is limited to the Composition specified above.
Governing Law.
This License is governed by and shall be construed under the law of the Florida United States of America, without regard to the conflicts of laws principles thereof.
(A.)  PAYMENTS – The Dope Society® (LLC) (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo) accepts PayPal, Major Credit Card Payments, Western Union and Bank transfers, or if Licensee is present with Licensor, cash money will and can be accepted. All payments are to always be paid or are paid upfront before delivery of the product. (E.g. This means at the same time that services or products by The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo) will only be delivered after receiving the payment(s), never upfront. Payments that are still pending and not being credited yet need to be credited first before delivery! Payment plans for services and products, can be set up individually. A verbal or written separate individual agreement therefore is necessary. Payment plans can vary from two 2-6 payment steps, at least ¼ of the total price of the service(s)/product(s) needs to be paid upfront as a down-payment. If the customer does not fulfill his payment-plan obligations and does not complete the payment plan or keep up with the agreed payment rates and dates, there will be no refund of any payments made, due to the administrative work and possible financial losses. The beat will become available again for sale and the customer will keep a professional lease to the concerned beat(s), in case the payment(s) he made, cover at least the amount necessary for this type of license! Beats that are being paid with payment plans will be put and marked ‘on hold’ on our website(s) and marketplaces, and may no longer be sold with exclusive rights, but may still be leased to multiple customers at the same time until the last payment step of the payment plan has been completed and the total amount of all items/services/products has been paid off. In case of a money-refund by any of the parties, the issued contract becomes invalid. Payments that are in any form held, refunded, cancelled or incorrect, by any of the parties, result that the issued contract(s)/license agreement(s) and all of the granted rights therein become invalid and reversed. Each Licensee will be mailed a package through the USPS which will include a tracking number that has been provided by Paypal or other merchant site which contains the Licensee/customer address with a tangible/physical copy of purchased instrumental(s) as well as a copy of a Licensing Agreement purchased in order to protect both parties (Licensor / Licensee) involved with the transaction. Each payment will be documented along with the licensee’s shipping information and invoice, then added into The Dope Society® (LLC) filing records as proof of payment, along with data of downloaded content and tracked shipment for proof in the court of law that both parties (Licensor/Licensee) carried through with the full transaction.
(B.)  DELIVERY – Products, files and documents are delivered electronically via an automatic system if purchased via our BeatStars instant delivery store, and also manually within a delivery time frame of 24 business hours if purchased any other way. All products, files and documents are delivered electronically via e-mail as download links, hosted through a file-sending service such as or, license agreement(s) may be sent as attached pdf-file(s). Tangible/physical copies will be delivered via postal mail for non-exclusive and exclusive rights licenses, we send tangible/physical copies in form of a printed license-agreement/receipt and a CD/DVD/Flashdrive containing the files to the product(s) via postal mail, in case it’s an exclusive rights purchase or custom beat production. Please check your spam and junk folders if you don’t find our e-mails in your inbox. Make sure you don’t block pop-up windows in your browser or links in your email provider/software. If links are not clickable, copy and paste the link(s) in the address bar of your browser. If you experience any issues with download links, please try a different browser or computer/device. Most mobile phones and devices are not capable of downloading and saving files, in order to download the files/documents properly, please use a desktop computer such as a PC, Mac, Laptop or MacBook.

(C.)  YOUTUBE VIDEOS (Content ID) – The licensor maintains the unlimited, worldwide rights to register his (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo) beat-compositions with a content-ID program/institution such as AdRev, CDBaby, TuneCore, BeatStars etc. (if you have questions about content ID or AdRev, please bing or google ‘Content ID’ and ‘AdRev’) and be the sole administrator of YouTube rights using such a content ID program. This is necessary and entitles licensor to maintain the administrative and legislative rights to the beat-composition, in order to be able to ensure non-exclusive and exclusive license owners administrative guidance and license-warranties. The main purpose is to stop people from stealing beats and using/monetizing them in videos without owning a license. What AdRev does is scan YouTube videos for audio material produced by ‘The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo, also known by Producer Tag Name, “Giuseppe Di Apollo”, , etc. and automatically sends a copyright claim, which blocks your videos from monetization temporarily. Don’t worry! This claim is more a notification and will NOT harm your channel or video, nor does it force you to take down the video(s), the only thing it does, is disable the monetization option temporarily. Your video will keep playing without any other limitations. Anyone using free downloads and tagged demo downloads in videos on YouTube can ignore this copyright notification as it doesn’t stop your video from playing and monetization wouldn’t be allowed for non-licensed beats at all (if monetization is desired, you can purchase a premium leasing rights license or higher (If beat is still available). IMPORTANT! – All license owners need to send us their link(s) to their video(s) and details of purchase so we can put their video(s) on the whitelist and remove the copyright claim within 24 to 48 hours – please send details/links to: including your full name, link to video(s) and/or email address used for purchase. This is the exact message you might receive: “Due to a copyright claim, you are no longer monetizing the following YouTube video. It is still playable on YouTube, but the copyright owner could choose to show ads on it.” It may therefore be possible that you receive a copyright claim on youtube videos, even if you own a license. As listed above, please follow the instructions written in bold! Using a content ID program is the only way we can assure that only people with an appropriate beat-license are monetizing their videos rightfully and legally on youtube. It also protects your videos from receiving fraudulent claims by third parties that claim to own the administrative rights to the beats. If you have any questions concerning this issue, feel free to contact us anytime via email and we will respond within 12 to 24 business hours.
(D.)   GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS – The license agreement(s) do not need to be signed by the customer(s)/licensee(s) and automatically become legally valid and active with purchase (payment needs to be fully credited) and receipt of purchased items. As displayed on our website, the Licensee/customer automatically agrees to all registrations/content that are listed in the terms & conditions of this licensing agreement, and enters this agreement with purchase. By making a payment, the customer (Licensee) declares that he/she is fully aware of the entire content listed in the terms and conditions, he/she fully accepts and agrees to them. Full Terms are listed on our official web-page – as well as our beat store site –  and in form of buttons located on our official BeatStars page under the beat store player. In case of possible changes in any of the listed points, or should one point become invalid or adjusted, all other points in the the terms and conditions stay unaffected and are still valid. Previously sold licenses and granted rights stay unaffected by future changes to the terms and conditions. The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) has the legal right, but never the duty, to re-buy exclusive rights from the current exclusive rights license holder, for any amount of money, if the exclusive rights license holder agrees to it and wants to re-sell his exclusive rights back to the Licensor (producer). Interested parties, customers/clients, and Licensees/License holders have the full responsibility to read the terms and conditions before making a purchase, and check for updates and/or changes in the terms and conditions on our website and The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) is not obliged for addressing any changes in the terms and conditions publicly at any time or in any form. This company’s legal domicile is, Deltona, Florida (America – U.S.A.). For any point listed in this written agreement, any restrictions thereof and the general legal relationship, United States of America Law is applicable in any case. If an instrumental beat contains sampled material, the sample-clearing of itself needs to be done by the customer(s) / licensee(s), never by The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – aka producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”). The customer(s) / licensee(s) understand(s) that they are responsible for clearing all samples that they choose to use and that the licensor cannot and will not be held liable for the misuse of any sampled material that the licensee uses in conjunction with the original instrumental composition that is being licensed in this agreement. The licensee(s) understand(s) and accept(s) that he/she/they only paid for the production work of the producer. The Licensor does not claim to have/own any rights on any sampled material. Under no circumstances is a customer/Licensee allowed to re-sell the instrumental beat itself or any modifications thereof, nor transfer the rights to the beat composition in any form to a third party, except for what is listed in the applicable license descriptions. Rights that are given to a customer are not transferable and non-refundable, if a customer/Licensee features another or other artist(s), not listed as license holders in his/her license agreement by date of purchase, the issued rights to the instrumental beat-composition for use in Licensee’s/customer’s song(s), featuring the concerned artist(s), are non-transferrable to other’s and non-splittable, for any kind of non-exclusive license(s) and remain bound strictly and solely to customer/licensee. Exclusive Rights license owners may split rights, transfer rights or share rights to the beat-composition in use of their song(s), by setting up an individual written agreement which needs licensor’s approval at his sole discretion in signed form. If any additional license agreement(s), new license agreement(s), or changes to (a) current license agreement(s), or any concerned additions/adjustments, etc. are desired, license agreement(s) or contract(s) must include these terms and conditions and refer to the points/content, listed in these terms and conditions in order to blend in with all required and necessary information/registrations for any license type, warranties, and general terms and conditions. All orders are final and cannot be changed/altered/adjusted/refunded afterwards, without licensor’s approval. No matter if exclusive rights or any other licenses are sold to a beat, The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) will always be allowed to use that beat for own promotional uses, without limitation, worldwide and throughout the universe, without terminability. Therefore all instrumental beats sold exclusively may stay on the webpage or any websites and marketplaces they were offered, if Licensor decides to. Download and license/purchase options to exclusively sold instrumental beats (exclusive rights) will be removed and the beat will be marked as ‘Sold’ and become unavailable for any form of future licensing, except for non-exclusive license upgrading for active non-exclusive license owners. Customer(s)/Licensee(s) may edit/alter the length of a beat, mixing/mastering of a beat (use of effects, change of volumes/levels, etc.), and general modifications, such as structure of instrumentation (separate track-lines), as they see fit, as long as they own a license to the beat and do not change the sound-structure of the beat itself, so that the beat becomes unrecognizable (e.g. only using drums or only using less than 70% of the entire sounds/instruments included in the original beat composition). It is also not allowed to use any parts, melodies, instruments, sounds, drum arrangements, etc. of the original instrumental composition for use in other compositions in a competitive product (for example: remixes or sampled music/beats) without written consent and Licensor’s approval. Remixes using any material of the original beat composition, or musical versions covering the original beat composition, played with live instruments (orchestra, band, etc.) are only allowed for professional leasing rights license owners (non-profitable use or as defined in their public performance rights specifications) or for exclusive rights license owners (unlimited profitable use), in both cases only with written consent or a verbal agreement and licensor’s approval. After the delivery of the beat, The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) will be unbound of any further responsibilities and legal obligations to the customer(s)/licensee(s), and legally freed of any further duties. Musical Composition(s)/Beat(s) by The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) may NOT be uploaded on any website, marketplace or distributed in any form without his (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo) permission and written consent. The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) is not responsible for any other website(s), marketplace(s), companie(s) or person(s) claiming to sell his/her beats and owning rights to them, nor is The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) legally responsible, nor liable/amenable for any damage, harm, financial losses or legal issues, caused by anybody abusing, disregarding or disrespecting the listed terms and conditions. Anyone found to be abusing and violating these terms and conditions or any other legal aspect concerning The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) music, content, or physical and/or intellectual property, will face a law suit and criminal punishment and be held responsible for copyright infringement and intellectual property infringement.
(E.)  PRIVACY POLICY / DIGITAL DOWNLOAD POLICY / LIMITATION ON LIABILITY / TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHTS – We do not give out your information to anyone outside of our business and it is held privately on a secure server. We do not spam or overflow your inbox and will contact you between twice to four times a month with information regarding The Dope Society®. By signing up to our mailing list, purchasing an item from us or becoming a member, you acknowledge you are on our mailing list as a recipient of our news and updates. Of course you may opt out and unsubscribe our newsletter at any time without need of sending us a message. All of our purchases and business activity is handled through PayPal and their secure servers or through national/international banks or institutions. The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) does not see, use, or know your financial information and we never ask for it. Your information remains private, period. We are not responsible for any damages incurred by malicious attacks on the internet. All items marked for sale on this website and marketplaces we offer our products are for digital download only. We do not deliver any physical goods to you for purchases. As a result, all sales on digital downloadable goods are final and we cannot offer a refund for something we cannot take back. In rare cases of duplicate purchases, or other rare circumstances, we will match what you paid with an item of equal or similar value. Every circumstance is different and will be dependent upon review on outcomes of the situation at hand. The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) and IT’S SUBSIDIARIES, AFFILIATES, LICENSORS, SERVICE PROVIDERS AND CONTENT PROVIDERS WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, ACTUAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR OTHER DAMAGES, INCLUDING LOSS OF REVENUE OR INCOME, PAIN AND SUFFERING, EMOTIONAL DISTRESS, OR SIMILAR DAMAGES, EVEN IF The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Trademarks, service marks, logos, and copyrighted works appearing on this site are the property of The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by Producer Tag Name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) or the party that provided the trademarks, services marks, logos, and copyrighted work. The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo – also known by producer tag name: “Giuseppe Di Apollo”) and any party that provided trademarks, service marks, logos, and copyrighted works retain all rights with respect to any of their respective trademarks, service marks, logos, and copyrighted works appearing in this site.
(F.)  PUBLIC PERFORMANCES – (Shows/Videos/Streams/Radio-and TV-airplay) – Public performances are ‘live shows’, ‘live video streams’, ‘videos’, ‘audio streams’, ‘radio airplay’, tv airplay’ and ‘film music’ either as just music (standalone) or music in a movie, tv- or video-commercial, spot, etc. Non-profitable live performances or public performances (non profitable live shows, non profitable video streams, non-profitable audio streams) are allowed for any license type, without limitation in amount of performances. Profitable performances are only allowed with Premium Dope leasing rights, Extended Premium Dope Hybrid leasing rights, Unlimited Dope leasing rights and/or Exclusive rights. See appropriate/specific license description and terms. The only license allowing unlimited public performances of any kind, is unlimited leasing rights and/or exclusive rights. TV- and radio-airplay or streams are only allowed for extended premium leasing rights, unlimited leasing rights and/or exclusive rights. Profitable live shows or monetized videos are allowed for any license higher than standard leasing rights (e.g. Basic Dope leasing rights). All profitable public performances as well as allowed sales units, if applicable for license type, are royalty-free, this means licensee keeps 100% earnings/profits made.
(G.)  CREDIT AGREEMENT – Credit must always be given to ‘The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo, also known by Producer Tag Name, “Giuseppe Di Apollo”, ,’ in written form, for example ‘Beat by The Dope Society’, ‘Beat by Giuseppe Di Apollo”. By making a purchase of any kind or downloading demo beats, tagged beats, etc. or any similar content, the customer declares that he will give credit to the producer where possible in a written form (CD cover/booklet, song or video descriptions, YouTube videos, file-names, mixtapes, albums, singles, remixes, social network pages such as Facebook, music sites such as Soundcloud, ReverbNation, etc.). Proper credit is given as follows: (Example credits: ‘Beat produced by, ‘The Dope Society’ or Giuseppe Di Apollo or ‘Beat by The Dope Society or Giuseppe Di Apollo (’ … Music © 2018 All rights reserved. Used under license. Any displayed or downloadable files such as mp3s, WAV files, etc. must include ‘Beat by, ‘The Dope Society’ within the file name. If instrumental beat-composition(s) and/or licensed material contain(s) any pre-recorded and mixed/embedded hook(s) (also known as a chorus) by an artist (singer/rapper), the name of the artist is listed and can be found in the filename(s) or purchased items and on our website. If there is doubt about an artist’s name, you, the licensee or person entering into this agreement bound to the terms and conditions, has the responsibility to contact us for this information. In case a beat-composition contains such (a) hook(s), all credit as needed for The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo, also known by Producer Tag Name, “Giuseppe Di Apollo”, , is also needed to be given in written form as follows (‘Hook by Artist name’ or ‘featuring Artist name’). All hooks come royalty free from The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo) who owns full commercial/profitable rights to them. Instrumental beats with hooks being displayed as ‘Instrumentals With Hooks’ are treated just like all other instrumental beat-compositions in regards of licensing and registrations in the terms & conditions. All artists that may be appearing on The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo, also known by Producer Tag Name, “Giuseppe Di Apollo”, , instrumental beats and performing hooks have been paid upfront for their work as ‘work for hire’ and are legally qualified to enter into this agreement without further agreement(s). No further license documentation by The Dope Society® (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo, also known by Producer Tag Name, “Giuseppe Di Apollo”, , is required for proof of legal correctness.
All contents of this website are: Copyright 2000-2018 The Dope Society® (LLC) (Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo). All rights reserved.
If you have any questions concerning any of the points listed in this document or any content in the terms & conditions, you can contact us anytime via e-mail: or call (386) 473-6364 before making a purchase to our products or downloading/using any of our content/products, to avoid any misunderstanding. If any term, and/or corresponding content in these terms and conditions, is not understood fully, it is customer’s/licensee’s obligation to inform himself/herself of the concerned terms to avoid any misunderstanding.
By making a purchase or downloading/using any of our content/products, you automatically confirm that you have read and understand the full terms and conditions and fully agree to the terms and conditions. Since these terms can be fully accessed, viewed and are listed on our official website(s) and marketplace(s), any issued license agreement automatically becomes valid with purchase or download/use of our content/products/property.
The Dope Society® does copyright and publish all instrumental beats.
Licensing Contract Created On: 2/20/2018 
– John Doe, owns 50% of publishing rights.
– Giuseppe D’angelo Liuzzo (The Dope Society), owns 50% of publishing rights.