Giuseppe D'angelo's Dope Luxury Beaded Bracelets

Hello, I am Giuseppe, Instagram’s @The.Dope.Society — I’m an artist, musician, entrepreneur and owner of The Dope Society (LLC).

For the longest time I have been creating my own beaded bracelets for myself because I could never find one bracelet I liked enough that fit my personal style. As I wore them around I continued to get complimented on how nice they were/are.. I had friends, family and even random strangers asking me if I could make them their own personal bracelet/s. Eventually I decided to start selling my creations locally to a wide range of individuals boys, girls, men and women. I’d sell them to recording artists that would come to my studio and even the the surfer while I was out in the line up waiting for the next set to roll in. I created this shop here to sell my luxury handmade style bead bracelets online.

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