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Giuseppe D’angelo or more gloGiuseppe0076bally and popularly known in the independent music industry and producer’s community as “The Instrumentalist” (Instagram’s @The.Dope.Society). Giuseppe is an inspiring, young, eccentric, outside the box, innovative and consciously aware indie music producer/digital musician, recording artist/lyricist and CEO and founder of But it’s more than just music for this hard working entrepreneur. This Guy sells handmade beaded bracelets and real estate too!

Who Is Giuseppe D’angelo ?

Giuseppe was born in Trenton, New Jersey and born on the cusp of a Taurus/Gemini with a mother and father both of a Sicilian heritage. After Giuseppe’s father was killed in front of him at the age of 6 years he knew he would have to grow up early because he wanted to take care of his mother. He currently lives close to his favorite east coast beach break on the east coast of Florida.

Age doesn’t matter to him, it’s all about how mature your mind is and the lessons you’ve learned, not how long you have been on this planet. By 20 he was a college drop out deciding that he wanted no part in the school system’s rat race for a normal 9-5 job. Besides, Giuseppe wasn’t learning anything in college that he found resourceful to his future. Everything he wanted to learn and know he found in books, audio and videos from business mentors. Since the 3rd grade he was always good at hustling and making money and always had the wits about him to produce a product or service the people would want so he came to find himself taking the risks and becoming an independent entrepreneur, finding ways to work for himself and be his own boss. Giuseppe never saw himself working hard for another person, company or corporation to make their banking accounts grow while he’d just get a smaller pay check. It’s never been his style.

Giuseppe has been a business owner of 6 different companies so far in his life. 3 in which he still owns, run and operates. Giuseppe is passionate about so many things like his love for music, music production, the original hip hop culture, the surfing culture, photography, videography, business marketing, health, fitness, fashion, cars, law, esoteric (hidden) knowledge, politics, and conspiracies just to name a few.

What Giuseppe Does With His Time. 

Giuseppe is a licensed Florida real estate agent who spends his days working hard as well as being the owner and founder of The Dope Society which is the parent company to his independent music production studio ‘The Dope Society Studios’, The Dope Society Beaded Bracelet Company and The Dope Bead Society with future endeavors into the realm of fashion/clothing and owning his very own brokerage not to far off from the company’s near future.  Giuseppe has been known throughout his community to support local independent artists and is known on a global scale as an instrumental composer (beat maker).  Being born a Taurus/Gemini  it only suits his methods, career choices and lifestyle as it reflects a multitude of many other paths and projects in his life.  In his leisure time Giuseppe enjoys being close to nature (the beach mostly). His favorite way to spend his free time is to grab up a few different surf boards, throw them into his Cadillac Escalade and head to New Smyrna Beach, with the sand between his toes and the palm trees swaying from the shore breeze, to paddling out into the waves and sitting in the line up to surf the beaches popular spot’s waves by the jetty.

What is the@The.Dope.Society ?

@The.Dope.Society was built to be a mental weapon for entrepreneurs, and rebellious independent free thinkers. To be a lethal injection to an establishment (Tyrannical Governments/Corporations) that wants you to solely depend on them instead of yourself.  @The.Dope.Society plays a instrumental part in people’s lives to inspire them while earning an instant reputation using innovative methods with total lack of respect and disregard for the rules. @The.Dope.Society is for the rebel.

Because of Instagram, Giuseppe has become a social media influencer, brand ambassador, online marketer, and the embodiment of the artist who turned true entrepreneur.  He has turned his Instagram page into an advertising business with a reach growing daily and have collaborated with some of the biggest pages on Instagram helping b.oost many different brands and businesses that needed to boost their social media presence, or simply conduct sales. Many people don’t know but Instagram is a very powerful advertising tool. He was schooled to the game about a year ago by @Daily.Dose and has been taking advantage of the skills he’s acquired through the knowledge he’s gained and continued building his page and The Dope Society brand name out over a wide variety of social media profiles. A special thanks goes to @GentlemensMafia for helping Giuseppe grow his brand idea. Today, because of his instrumental beats as well as his Instagram presence he is now global!!! Today Giuseppe D’angelo’s music and his brand is in the global world wide market. Giuseppe’s goal for Instagram as @The.Dope.Society is to become the largest influencer in the entrepreneur, inspirational, self respect, motivational and mature audience quote niche. But why? Because it inspires people to work hard for themselves and find self respect, “It hopefully will take them away from depending on everyone else – (including governmental personalities) and help them focus on the dreams of becoming financially free and mentally independent. Plus, I wanted a page that I could be inspired by as well…I work hard and I use my page as a motivational vehicle for myself as I continue working day in and day out as a real estate agent and an owner of The Dope Society Studios.”

@The.Dope.Society is a way to live outside the box of the traditional average life. This mentality obviously found a formula that worked exceptionally well for Giuseppe. Realized that this branding of @The.Dope.Society could also work well with the mental aspects of this new title he had for the I.G. page name.

@The.Dope.Society is here to send positive vibes and change the lives of people around the world by simply sharing his creative passion through words and images, no matter your ethnicity or religion

Giuseppe di Apollo Instrumental Beats

@The.Dope.Society is also a huge advocate for the freedom of creative expression through freedom of speech and the arts. Music, lyrics, photography, dance, graffiti, paintings, film, etc. @The.Dope.Society believes that the arts, no matter the content should NEVER be silenced. That’s why @The.Dope.Society likes to push the limits on social media.

@The.Dope.Society is very passionate about human rights and freedoms as well as other less popular social ideologies which he keeps private, but believing we are allowed to express ourselves, and art is the best way to do it.  “Free expression is central to all other freedoms”. With continuous change in our society it becomes more constant that our ideas, along with new technologies like social media, people are expressing their personal expression damn near instantly within and among social networks, @The.Dope.Society page promotes the right of all people to connect more deeply with others and find meaningful, artistic and many times rebellious ways to participate and express all of our own artistic nature by giving shoutout credit to many professional people who are not fearful in their expression of their personal type artistic media.

Artistic expression and creativity is a powerful form of freedom. Artistic expression is fundamental to the development of vibrant cultures and the functioning of a republic society. Isn’t America suppose to be a republic? Artistic expression has given us some of the great social commentary on humanity and the human condition.  We are a richer human race for having the genius and limit pushing creativeness of Tupac Shakur, Shakespeare, N.W.A., Rumi, Terry Richardson, 2 Live Crew, NaS, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Public Enemy, John Lennon, Elvis, Elvis Costello, Quentin Tarantino, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Eminem – just to name a few.

@The.Dope.Society is of the mind that in today’s society artists should be inspiring and challenging us every step of the way. Artistic expression is critical to the human spirit.

Artistic expressions and creations have always come under attack because they send specific messages and articulate symbolic values in a influential and very powerful way. It is little wonder that dictators and mega corporations seek to silence art?

Maybe now you can see that @The.Dope.Society believes it’s more than just himself. It’s to have a critical thinking society take a stand against oppression and continue to grow and evolve as an artist, entrepreneur and individual by pushing the limits and fighting for our rights and the rights of the new generations of mankind to come. Freedom isn’t free, as artists, entrepreneurs and individuals we must fight for it daily!

“America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You’ve gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say, “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours.” You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country cannot just be a flag. The symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Now show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms. Then you can stand up and sing about the land of the free.” Speech excerpt from the movie: The American President  (1995)


So What is @The.Dope.Society?

@The.Dope.Society is for the ambitious entrepreneur, the artistic rights activist, the consciously aware individual, the free thinking mind, the hard working person/s, The ones who want to stand against the over sensitive pussy socialists. We are the rebels to authority, the risk takers, the enlightened ones empowered by freedom. We believe in our bodies to be the temples of power by chiseling ourselves into works of art, we are health/fitness warriors. We are adventure seeker, risk takers .. Overall @The.Dope.Society has their own unorthodox views of the world and modern society. Open minded and fascinated with extraordinary knowledge, @The.Dope.Society has a tremendous passion for freedom, finding happiness in inspiring others to strive for greatness, rebel against close minded ideologies, dreaming with no limits, succeeding and to live free with no fucks given to a system that think of us all as just pawns in the over-all global game while quietly assonating our liberties for all.

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